Saturday, 14 January 2017


Hi Thanks for connecting me.
I'm working with some affiliate networks where i get commission on every sale and view/clicks and i earn 100$ every day.

i give you full detail about this, and help you to start there. in exchange i need few clicks from you for making my 1 lead complete. :)

1. go to google and search "topresult blogspot" open url NAMED: Mesothelioma Attorney Directory - Top Result
2. in that site, open any 15 pages (LET THEM LOAD) then click on 1 ad, (only 1)
3. visit that ad page (open anything from ad page), done.
This is a lead i want.
send me the url of ad if possible. then i'll guide you how you can be a affiliate. in very simple steps

they give you urls to promote, leads to complete, and jobs to be done.

1. there are multiple platform you can work with.
clickbank, maxbounty are popular,
2. make account on clickbank and maxbounty, maxbounty will take 1-2 days to approve acc.
3. open ur account, and select any product you want to promote, or any lead you want to complete.
4. create a twitter account for that product and post your affiliate links, then leave it, it gives you lifetime earning. ask your friends to complete those leads, 1 lead can give you 2$-12$.
Lead you have done for me, gives me 30$.
5. you can complete leads with the help of your friends and facebook ids,
ask people to join the site you are promoting from ur url in inbox.

thats it, they give good price specially maxbounty , clicbank.

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